we cannot live on earth forever

We cannot live on earth indefinitely and survive as a species, environmental degradation overpopulation, disease, asteroids, giant volcanic eruptions, are a few of the things that would mean an abrupt end to human civilisation, or a end to all life on this planet as we know it.

If we as a species are to have any chance at all to to survive in the long term we must populate other worlds, not only in our solar system, but also planets around other stars.

To achieve this we need to think differently to what we are doing now. In fact our current rocket or launch technologies is simply a refinement of technology developed by experimental amateurs before world war 2, it is inefficient expensive and dangerous so if we are to have any chance at all to spread amongst the stars new ideas must be tried out.

Unfortunately, the worlds current political climate that leans towards ever more stringent controls and regulations of an individuals activities, this prevents development by strangling amateur experimentation and creativity.

I have tried and tried and tried to get approval for my own experiments but the governing a-holes either don’t respond or simply tell me i don’t get any approval from them.

So what can i do? Well screw them i will go ahead regardless of their approval where is the justification to say that inefficient slow and bureaucratic governments has exclusive rights when it comes experimentation and research relating to launch technology and space exploration?

I will do my research and attempt to launch payloads into space no matter what anyone says.


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