10 commandments when traveling to Rome

Rome, also called the eternal city, is a nice place to visit . Its filled to the rim with old buildings, old art and loads of other OLD crap.

Its a filth city, trash everywhere and smelly Italians left right and center. Some of the people we met had probably never had a shower. At least they smelled that way.

Anyway here are 10 commandments that its smart to follow when traveling to Rome
1. Get your bearings, i recommend you get on a hop on hop off bus (the Christian tour has the most stops, big ugly yellowish bus.)

Get off the bus at Sant’angelo castle (the popes fortress) go to the top floor and look around the city, they have maps of the city with markers on them.

Sant’angelo Castle in google maps

View from top of sant’angelo castle

Once you get your bearings you can go back on the buss and tour the city.

2. Do not drink water from the tap buy bottle water only and you avoid suffering from ultra explosive diarrhea.

3. Do not enter into a restaurant that is in close proximity to any major tourist attraction. The stuff served at these places tastes, in many cases, better on the way out than on the way in. On top of that the service sucks and its way to expensive.

4. Go into the small back alleys for food, the grub is usually superb and the prices are good.

5. Always buy your way inn via a tour guide at all major attractions, otherwise the wait in line can be up to 3 hours long. 40-50 euros on a tour is well worth skipping this agonizing wait. usually you can get inn in about 10-15 minutes. (i will get back to this in a later posting about the Vatican)

6. Go to a street kiosk and buy a map with tram and buss roots (public transport is good in Rome) buy a week card (its good for all public transport). Use the subway wherever possible (Rome traffic sucks)

7. Look out for thieves and pick pockets in all crowded public places.

8. Set aside one day to travel to Tivoli 60 minutes by buss outside Rome.

9. Be aware when buying pirated junk from street vendor, the police often raid these places and they will arrest you along with the vendor. (I will get back to this funn experience in a later post, dealing with Italian police)

10. Buy loads of ice cream, Italians are in contrast to most other things quite good at making it and it tastes great.


2 Responses to 10 commandments when traveling to Rome

  1. romebigbrother says:

    hi, thats nice, i quote all the points except the arrest for buying false items. probably a fine is proper but rare. any other happening is probably determined by the idiotness of the policeman. im going to copy this 10 commandments on my blog cause i think might be useful to all tourists. i would add only one point regarding the eaxi cabs that are often really tricky with foreigners and not only.

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