Beleive in God, and join the domain of the boundlessly stupid.

I cant think of anything, that places people in the ”irretrievable idiot” category as firmly as religion. And I mean all religion not just Islam or Christianity but all religion maybe apart from Budism and confusinism that I don’t think can be considered to be religions at all , maybe more a lifestyle choice rather than religion.

Anyway believing in god is just stupid beyond description, it only illustrates that the believer doesn’t have any, not even the most basic understanding of the world we live in ,evolution and natural development.

Religion specifically Christianity and Islam and all the deviations of these are evil malignant cancers on society and hampers continued human development and evolution. Religious people should immediately across the world be prevented from reproducing to hinder further stupification of the gene pool.

Lets all feel sorry for these stupid poor smuchs that wallow day inn and day out in boundless stupidity


8 Responses to Beleive in God, and join the domain of the boundlessly stupid.

  1. Nosuchthing says:

    It is actually schmuck. and yes religion is full of them. God is an imaginary friend for adults. Get a religious person to explain Dinosaurs!! If religious people were truly dedicated they would stop changing the Bible to suit their own needs and start stoning their own countrymen. Muslims and the Kuran also endorse beastiality and pedophiles. Steve Pool who was the weatherman for a Seattle based news show says “If you want to believe in something …Believe in yourself”

  2. Storbakken.

    Thank you you are absolutely right, thank you for the input.

  3. storbakken says:

    Historically, a person with an IQ below 20 was called an “Idiot.” Today it is considered Profound Mental Retardation.

    “Smuch” is what you say when someone inquires “sup.”

  4. Smuch = a person with an intelligence quota under 25

  5. storbakken says:

    What’s a “smuch”?

  6. EMP,

    You pull no punches 🙂


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