The daughters of feminism, face a bleak future.

April 13, 2017

This post is a result of me needing to rant a bit beacause a young man comitted suicide, if you have trouble with facing reality I suggest you stop reading now..

The gender war between men and women was actually started way back, but for the longest time men didn’t even show up.

Some men have tried to speak up over the years, only to be met with extraordinary efforts to silence them..

The message has been “ignore anyone that point out problems that affect men and boys.” If you don’t your a “insert shaming words here”.

It is very dangerous to suppress men’s voices, It is extremely important to allow people to be heard.

The opinions and problems that are simply silenced doesn’t go way, they go underground, and if left to simmer they breed much more serious problems later.

Men in general are now reacting, and we should be extremely concerned about that.

Let me give you a little bit of actual reality to help bring some perspective to what we are looking at.

About a year ago a young boy I know committed suicide. He lived with his single mother who loved him more than anything.

His father had killed himself about tree years earlier. He jumped off a bridge after a long arduous legal battle/divorce that left him broken and destitute. When he couldn’t keep up with the excessive payments to his ex he was suddenly facing time in prison. He couldn’t cope anymore, and Instead he opted to kill himself. He was 41 years old.

His son committed suicide at the age of 16. He hanged himself in the hallway while his mother was out on a date.
The suicide note that he distributed to his mothers friends and family was almost to painful to read.

It spelled out, very clearly. Why he decided to kill himself.

In the note he detailed his mothers lies to the legal system to gain custody, how she got his father arrested and extorted money from him.

He explained how much he loved his father, what a great husband he was and how his mother had demanded a divorce for no apparent reason.

He lamented how she could get away with this, with the full backing of the state. How she had relentlessly gone after his father again and again culminating in his death.

He further detailed how he had grown up increasingly hating his mother for her actions and especially her total indifference to the consequences.

He explained why he acted out rebelling with crime and violence and how this didn’t satisfy him.

He went into a great bit of graphic details around his fantasies about making his mother suffer.

However, he concluded that none of these fantasies would cause her enough pain.

In his mind, the only way he could cause her to adequately suffer, was for him to commit suicide.

The loss of her only beloved child and the social cost of making her actions public seamed to him the only fitting punishment.

He described how he had planned his suicide to make sure she would be the first to find him alone and how he would let people know what a terrible person she was.

He reveled in the pain she would feel.

He left no doubt that his death was a price he happily paid as a direct consequence of her actions towards his father.

Needless to say his mother is not in a good place, she will probably never recover.

……. Its important to remember that was still not a man but a child still his determination was absolute, we must accept how determined the male sex can be.

We all know men’s determination can be a massive benefit to society. (the modern world is made by men)

If this determination is turned in a negative direction, there is always a heavy price to pay. Syria is a good current example.
Men have for the last 20 years slowly started to react, not in a open front, Its mostly hidden due to the effective efforts to silence men and ignore problems, suffering and injustice towards men.

A large number of men now opt out of relationships and society, the vocal minority call themselves MGTOW but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

I have heard fathers instructing their young sons on the dangers of interacting with women, I have talked to young men 15-16 years old who are saving money to get vasectomies as soon as they turn eighteen.

The cost is painfully clear in the statistics. Birth rates/marriage rates are falling at an accelerated rate.

If you are a young women today, you will sooner or later have to accept that you will probably never find a man willing to join forces with you. Your chances of raising well balanced children and have a family are very small.

Apart from short term sexual encounters, young women are unlikely to have any close bonds with men outside of their immediate family. They should expect male strangers and colleagues to avoid contact, afraid of false sexual harassment claims.

I actually received an email about male college students that follow strict safety policies, to safeguard and avoid any interactions with women. The interactions they cant avoid are diligently recorded.

Now we face a real problem with more and more men, completely opting out of society.

Its a problem that we don’t really understand, no research is being funded towards men’s issues (ever). We don’t have any clue what would constitute efforts to reverse the trend, and we don’t know its true scope.

The sad reality is, even if we wanted to address this, we don’t know what to do or how to even begin.

Society is still in denial, nothing is being done. The media is blaming the economy and the men that have already left aren’t the least bit interested in joining the discussion. There is no research being done. Feminists scream for more programs aimed at women to increase birth rates while half the population is systematically silenced og ignored.

I don’t see any solution on the horizon and the price we will all pay will be severe…..

What do you think the price will be? Why is it that nothing is being done?

Exchange students Safe man policy

April 13, 2017


Someone sendt me this  safe man policy


To protect me during my  stay in college/university.

As a man I am suspected of being a violent rapist by nature on campus, there is no reason for this, but just like it was all along in school, being male is seen as wrong, and all the years of being told so, the shaming and scorn against my masculinity has made me very good at hiding it.   Here in college they have greatly intensified this suspicion and persecution, im subject to this abuse simply for being male.

Policy now removes all ordinary legal rights for me and my fellow male student, men can have their life ruined based on nothing but a false, baseless accusation.

Therefor its critical that i take steps to protect myself. Men are considered guilty until proven innocent, following this policy therefor preempts this issue and makes me prepared to at any time dis-prove falce accusations leveled against me and my innocence.

This policy is extended to any female associated with the institution. this includes all female students, faculty and members of staff. for my own safety. My only choice, my only option is to assume all women are false rape or sexual harassment accusers.

During my entire stay I will use a tracking application on my phone like followme or similar that will document where I am at all times. I will also record all interactions with women. This will be kept for counterevidence when I am falsely accused.

I will not compliment women.

I will not look at women.

I will not smile at women.

I will not volntarily talk to women.

I will not associate with women.

I will not attend social events with women participants.

If a woman approaches me with a question or tries to talk to me, I will try to end the conversation as soon as possible by answering “I don’t know” or “I am not interested in that” Or “I don’t have to explain myself to you” or something similar and leave as soon as possible.

If i find myself in a study hall alone with a women I will leave immediately.

If I am at a social event with my friends,  watching sports or something similar, and a woman shows up. We will end the event and disperse as soon as she arrives.

I will not help a lonely woman home at night.

I will try to avoid any and all interaction with women during my stay. The only exception is if I come across a woman in a helpless state. If a woman is drunk, high on drugs or injured to an extent where they are unable to take care of themselves. I will Call emergency services, wait for them, and leave as soon as they arrive.


Sign mr safe guy.